Joyful Mathematics At Home!

Joyful Mathematics
At Home!

With many students staying home for the COVID-19 quarantine, the National Association of Math Circles in partnership with JRMF have created resources for students & families to engage with math from home!

These mathematically-minded activities can be played with materials found around the house and a little bit of printing or can be played entirely online through Google Drive or Microsoft Powerpoint!

Wolves & Sheep

Your goal is to  place the wolves and sheep on a game board so none of the sheep will be eaten! Wolves will eat any sheep on the same row, column, or diagonal as them. 

Can you figure out an arrangement so none of sheep are in danger of being eaten?

Good for Grades: First – Eighth

Strategies: Working backwards, wishful thinking, spatial awareness

Standards: I will fill this in soon!  I promise! -Spencer

Teacher Guide

Wolves & Sheep
(Online Version)

You can play with this activity  entirely online. Click the buttons below to either add a copy of Wolves & Sheep to your Google Drive or download a copy to open in Powerpoint.

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