Upcoming Workshops and Events

Math Circle Network Webinar:
Math Walks for Your Math Circle: A How-to Guide

Presented by Dr. Koshi Dhingra, Founder and CEO of talkSTEM

Thursday, June 6, 2024, 4-5 p.m. Pacific (register here)

Learn how to design an inquiry-based Math Walk for your Math Circle!

talkSTEM has been designing and conducting math and STEM walks for K-12 students and their adults for years. Their MathFinder and walkSTEM initiatives allow participants to see the world around them through the lens of mathematics and STEM.

In this webinar, talkSTEM founder and CEO Dr. Koshi Dhingra will discuss her organization’s inquiry-based approach to creating math walks. She will also provide an overview of talkSTEM’s open-access resources—including videos, video templates, and creative guides—that you can use to design math walks of your own.

People participating in a math walk on a sidewalk in Dallas

Past Workshops and Events

Math Circle Network Meeting: Solicitation Release for Equity Learning and Collaboration Grants

Thursday, February 15, 4-5 p.m. Pacific

Find out about new grant opportunities from the Math Circle Network:

  • Toolkit Teams: Small collaborative working groups that will develop toolkits addressing significant needs of the network ($1000 stipend per team member, plus a $1000 grant for their Circle)
  • Equity Redesign Community of Practice: Circle leaders whose Circles are committed to engaging in a redesign process to increase attention to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging ($1500 grant per Circle)
  • New Circle Seed Grant Cohorts: Training and mentoring for leadership teams of new Math Student Circles and Math Teacher Circles ($1500 grant per Circle, plus funds to support a Circle Mentor visit)
  • Regional and Affinity-Based Collaboration Meetings: In-person meetings for geographically nearby Circles or Circles who share a common interest ($500-3000, depending on what is proposed)

We’ll have a brief presentation, followed by Q&A. Please spread the word!

Math Circles at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

AIM-MAA Special Session on Math Circles as a Gateway Into Research

Organizers: Jeffrey Musyt (Slippery Rock University), Lauren L Rose (Bard College), Tom G. Stojsavljevic (Beloit College), Nick Rauh (Julia Robinson Math Festival), Edward Charles Keppelmann (University of Nevada Reno), Allison Henrich (Seattle University), Violeta Vasilevska (Utah Valley University), and Gabriella A. Pinter (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

The low floor, high ceiling nature of math circle activities makes them ideal for exploring mathematics at a variety of levels. The resulting open-ended investigations naturally lead to questions that can develop into research projects. During the session, presenters from diverse backgrounds and institutions will share activities and discuss ideas that have led or can lead to research projects for college students, K-12 students, teachers, or faculty research.

Lightning Talks presented by Maria Droujkova (Natural Math and the Bluebird Math Circle), Kyle Evans (MTC 4 Social Justice), Pedro Morales-Almazán (Math Teachers’ Circle Santa Cruz), and Peter Tingley (Chicago Math Teachers’ Circle).

Presented by Tien Chih, see how knots, movement and fractions intertwine in Conway’s Rational Tangles!  While typically done in person, this popular activity has been adapted to remote facilitation for a pandemic world.

Organized by members of the Math Circle community, this three-day online event was geared towards educators looking to start a Math Circle and long-time Math Circle leaders.

This free workshop included math sessions, “Teachers’ Lounge” seminars, and social time to connect with math friends near and far. All MTC members were invited to join the workshop for as many sessions as they liked!