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What is a math circle?

Math Circles are places where students and teachers get to engage with mathematically deep content presented in unique ways that promote hands-on discovery. Low-threshold, high-ceiling problems can be approached by students with minimal background but still lead to concepts rooted in advanced mathematics.

The are two types of Math Circles: one for teachers of mathematics (MTCs) and one for students (MSCs). There are over 200 Math Circle programs nationwide with approximately 100 active Math Student Circles

What is

As a continuation of the National Association of Math Circles, aims to nurture the growth of Math Circles nationwide by building a community of Math Circle leaders in which new and established leaders are connected, encouraged, and inspired.

We will provide high-quality resources that help Math Circles build and sustain effective programs. To that end, we will be adding new activities each week. These will be a mix of new resources along with updated versions of lessons from the NAMC activity archives. is a project of the American Institute of Mathematics, a mathematical sciences research institutes supported by the National Science Foundation. It is a part of their Math Communities initiative which brings together multiple K-12 outreach programs.