Joyful Mathematics At Home!

Joyful Mathematics
At Home!

With many students staying home for the COVID-19 quarantine, the National Association of Math Circles in partnership with JRMF have created resources for students & families to engage with math from home!

These mathematically-minded activities can be played with materials found around the house and a little bit of printing or can be played entirely online through Google Drive or Microsoft Powerpoint!

Color Counting

Each color represents a different number. Your goal is to make larger and larger towers using your different colors. What is the largest tower you can make using a set amount of colors?

  • Stackable blocks or chips
    5 to 6 colors, with ~20 of each color

Good for Grades: First – Eighth

Strategies: Working backwards, wishful thinking, spatial awareness

Standards: I will fill this in soon!  I promise! -Spencer

Color Counting
(Online Version)

You can play with this activity  entirely online. Click the buttons below to either add a copy of Color Counting to your Google Drive or download a copy to open in Powerpoint.