New York Math Circle

City: New York
State: NY – New York
NYMC is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching and supplementing Mathematical education in New York City. It seeks to stimulate the enjoyment, appreciation and knowledge of Mathematics through problem solving and guided discovery, both in our classes for students, and through courses for teachers. NYMC provides the means for students to actively pursue a wide range of Mathematical investigations, to engage in creative problem solving and posing, and to better understand the subtleties of Mathematical ideas including the nature and construction of proofs. Students will appreciate the intrinsic beauty of Mathematics through classical and non-routine problems and ingenious solutions, and will become aware of the enormous power of Mathematics in a variety of settings. Our classes supplement standard curriculum, significantly strengthen and solidify students' existing knowledge, and cultivate motivation and capacity for further studies. Our staff includes both volunteers and paid teachers. Our teachers are among the best in New York City. See the page with the list of our faculty.