Our Favorite Math Circle Activities

An Online & Interactive Lightning Talk Event
Thursday, December 8, 2022 4:00 - 5:30pm PT

The SIGMAA-MCST & the Math Circle Network are pleased to present this event focused on generating excitement for your local Math Circle meetings. The event will begin with Lightning Talks by four engaging speakers known for their outstanding work with Math Circles:

Following the Lightning Talks, we’ll split into breakout rooms to explore individual activities and discuss their implementation. 

Join us for a chance to learn about new activity ideas and interact with Math Circle colleagues from all over the country!

Past Workshops

Lightning Talks presented by Maria Droujkova (Natural Math and the Bluebird Math Circle), Kyle Evans (MTC 4 Social Justice), Pedro Morales-Almazán (Math Teachers’ Circle Santa Cruz), and Peter Tingley (Chicago Math Teachers’ Circle).

Presented by Tien Chih, see how knots, movement and fractions intertwine in Conway’s Rational Tangles!  While typically done in person, this popular activity has been adapted to remote facilitation for a pandemic world.

Organized by members of the Math Circle community, this three-day online event is geared towards educators looking to start a Math Circle and long-time Math Circle leaders.

This free workshop included math sessions, “Teachers’ Lounge” seminars, and social time to connect with math friends near and far. All MTC members were invited to join the workshop for as many sessions as they liked!