Activity Collections for Math Teacher Circles

Math Teacher Circles (MTCs) are communities of K-12 and higher education mathematics professionals who meet regular to engage in the collaborative investigation of non-routine, rich, low-threshold, high-ceiling problems, and to reflect upon their experiences as practitioners of mathematics and teaching (Hendrickson, 2016Taton, 2015).

Pedagogically, MTC facilitators should strive to model high-leverage instructional practices such as supporting learners in productive struggle (jokingly referred to as “funstration” by the MTC community), posing purposeful questions, and encouraging meaningful mathematical discourse. For a great overview of the mathematical philosophy of MTCs, see the article “Be Less Helpful” by Joshua Zucker. Organizers should also check out our MTC Toolkit for additional tips. 

Below you’ll find collections of some of our favorite MTC activities!

Starter Activities for Teacher Circles

These activities have been developed and tested across many math circles and are great for first time math circle leaders. Many of these activities include guides, articles, videos and other accompanying resources.

Social Justice Math Activities

Developed by the MTC 4 Social Justice, these activities are centered on learning to use  mathematics as a tool that can be used to analyze and challenge power, privilege, and oppression and that mathematics must be part of a larger system of education that fully engages students in our democratic society

Math Circles of Inquiry Activities