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I Walk the Line


Your regular commute begins at your house and ends at your office at the corner of 5th street and 6th avenue. You have been making this trip for years, but you are the restless (or adventurous) type, and you try to take a different route each day. At some point, you start to wonder how long it will take you to try all of the routes.

Oh, did I mention that you have to avoid the zombies?

Supreme Court Handshakes


Developed as part of the Math Circles of Inquiry project, this session is a good introduction to the 8th grade or Algebra Math curriculum using inquiry based instruction. Students are asked to use their problem solving skills in order to determine the relationship between the number of Supreme Court justices and handshakes that occur when each pair shakes hands exactly once. Students will begin exploring with simpler numbers and work up to creating an algebraic expression to represent the function. This lesson allows for multiple representations by using a table, list, circle diagram, matrix and manipulatives.

Function, Function, What’s Your Model?


Developed as part of the Math Circles of Inquiry project, this session is an introduction to functions. This module allows students to investigate the definition of a function, function notation, key features of a function including increasing, decreasing (in both interval and inequality notation), maximum and minimum, average rate of change and domain and range.

Materials include a full packet of worksheets pertaining to this unit (54 pages). This part of the unit (not including transforming functions) should take about six hours of class time.

Contextualizing Mathematics: Fortnite – Surviving the Storm


In this session, developed as part of the Math Circles of Inquiry project, you are playing Fortnite. There are three loot boxes marked by your teammates. Which one is the best to go to? In other words, which point is closest to a given point outside a circle, the center of the circle or one of two points of tangency connecting the outside point to the circle? The highly contextualized nature of the problem posed will make the mathematics more appealing for students to explore. Moving between individual work, partner work, and whole class discussion, students make their predictions and...

Humans, Zombies, & Other Problems Crossing the River


A town has recently been plagued by an epidemic of zombies! Luckily, the virus has just started to spread and the infected are able to stave off their hunger for human brains… for now. In fact, they’re willing to work alongside the remaining humans to help them get across a river to safety. Can you get all the humans and zombies across safely?

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