April 2022 MTCA Session: Fractals & Fractal Dimensio

The University of Texas at Austin 2515 SPEEDWAY, , TX, AUSTIN, Texas

Fractals & Fractal Dimension with Cornelia Mihaila, St. Michael's College A line has one dimension, a piece of paper has 2 dimensions, and a box has 3 dimensions, but what is the dimension of England’s coastline? What is the dimension of the Cantor set or the Sierpinski triangle? These are the questions we will explore.

Math Mill (MA/NH Math Teachers’ Circle)

University of Massachusetts Lowell Coburn Hall 161, 850 Broadway Street, Lowell, MA

Join us in-person on UML's campus. Breakfast and lunch provided. UML has a mask mandate in place to keep our community safe. Join our mailing list at www.mathmill.org

Bluebird Math Circle

session 18-28 Bluebird Math Circle is a supportive community of teachers, students, and their families–everybody who cares or is curious about mathematics, education and Indigenous young people’s futures. Every other week Bluebird MC publishes a flyer with fun and engaging activities that are accessible to everyone. We play with activities in class, at home, and […]

Madison Math Circle

University of Wisconsin-Madison 600 N Park St (Helen C White Library) Room 3255, Madison, WI, WI

The Madison Math Circle is a weekly series of mathematically based activities aimed at interested middle school and high school students. It is an outreach program organized by the UW Math Department. Our goal is to provide a taste of exciting ideas in math and science. In the past we've had talks about plasma and […]

Math Teachers’ Circle Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz Math Department, UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, 4th Floor McHenry, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, Santa Cruz, California