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Mathematical Practices
  • MP1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. (1)
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  • MP3 - Construct viable arguments and critique others' reasoning. (1)
  • MP4 - Model with mathematics. (1)
  • MP5 - Use appropriate tools strategically. (1)
  • MP8 - Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. (1)

Knights and Knaves: A journey to the land of logic


Logic provides the framework that allows us to agree on what is, or is not, a valid argument. It is possible to deepen understanding of the rules of logic by offering some well-chosen puzzles that highlight important ideas. This session’s puzzles all come from a lovely book entitled What is the Name of this Book: The riddle of Dracula and other logical puzzles, written by Raymond Smullyan, a mathematician, philosopher, magician, and author.

This session is also suitable for student math circles and the classroom.

Art Meets Math: Escher’s Tilings


Dutch artist M. C. Escher is well known for his amazing prints of interlocking lizards, fish transforming into birds, and angels and devils intertwined, just to name a few. His intricate tilings offer a beautiful and engaging way to explore ideas related to geometric transformations and symmetries.