Zucker, J., JRMF, & San Francisco Math Circle. FN. (2020). Wolves and Sheep. In S. Bowen (Ed.), Math Circle Activity Database. American Institute of Mathematics. https://mathcircles.org/activity/wolves-and-sheep

Wolves and Sheep

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The rules are simple: you want to place the sheep on the board so that the wolves can’t eat them. A wolf can eat a sheep if it has a direct path to it – or is in same row, column, or diagonal as that sheep. Can you place all your wolves and sheep on an nxn grid so all the sheep are safe?

Activity Handouts

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Activity Guide

This guide looks at the activity in detail and goes into the underlying math.

Digital App

This app created by Daniel Kline and JRMF lets you play on any NxN board with any number of wolves or sheep.

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