Sabloff, Joshua M. (2020). Hercules and the Hydra. In S. Kohli (Ed.), Math Circle Activity Database. American Institute of Mathematics. https://mathcircles.org/activity/hercules-and-the-hydra

Hercules and the Hydra

Math Circles:
After a late night reading about classical mythology (or watching “Clash of the Titans” yet again), you drift off to sleep and dream that you are face-to-face with a many-headed monster that is clearly not happy to see you, either. “Ahah,” you think, “I must be Hercules and that . . . thing must be the Hydra!” Following the Hydra’s rules, can you kill it? This session is also suitable for student circles.

Activity Guide

This guide looks at the activity in detail and goes into the underlying math.

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