Frogs and Toads

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Frogs can only move right, or down, and toads can only move left, or up. Can you exchange all the frogs and toads? Can you create a formula for the fewest number of moves? This deceptively simple puzzle starts with a row of frogs and toads, then advances to a grid. It can be played with manipulatives, online, or with people to provide an engaging, cooperative activity for all ages.


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Click on a handout to open it on Google Drive.  All files are “View Only” meaning to have an editable copy, go to “File -> Make a Copy” or you can use the button below to add all files to your google drive.

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Online Classroom Activity

This lesson is available as a Desmos Activity.  Students can play through the activity using virtual manipulatives, answer submission, and drawing tools. Teachers can assign to students, view work, and control activity pace.

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