Fairfax Math Circle (FMC)

What is Fairfax Math Circle (FMC)?

The Fairfax Math Circle was started in 2007 by students who wanted to organize a math club, because their schools wouldn’t sponsor a math team that participated in challenging math competitions.

FMC meets once a week during the school year. FMC typically do not meet during school breaks. The season starts in the fall, and picks up pace as the school year progresses. For example, our 2008-2009 season included:

11/7/08: George Washington University Colonial Challenge
11/7/08: Mandelbrot #1
11/8/08: Johns Hopkins University Math Tournament
11/16/08: ARML Power Round 1
12/5/08: Mandelbrot #2
1/9/09: Mandelbrot #3
1/31/09: Princeton University Math Competition (PUMaC)
2/6/09: Mandelbrot #4
2/21/09: Harvard-MIT Tournament
3/6/09: Mandelbrot #5
3/21/09 American Regional Math League (ARML) Local Tournament
5/29/09: ARML National at Penn State

You are not required to compete – everything we do in FMC is optional. We do not grade or rank students, although we try to put together competitive, balanced teams when we enter competitions.

There is no fee to come to the meetings and lectures. Competing members pay a membership fee of $100. Students who compete also split the cost of travel & lodging, as appropriate.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. FMC is a non-profit LLC, and we depend ENTIRELY on volunteers. If your child enjoys FMC, please be prepared to volunteer as a driver or chaperone, or to bring snacks and drinks to the practices, etc…

Session are led by Ph.D. level mathematicians and those from related STEM fields. Professor Robert Sachs from George Mason University, an award-winning teacher, leads many of our meetings. Meetings are run like seminars, on topics such as Fermat’s Little Theorem to advanced algebraic analysis to Catalan numbers. Atmosphere is engaging and interactions playful.

What FMC is NOT

FMC is not a math remedial service. FMC is not a tutorial service. FMC is not a test prep service. If you are looking for those types of services, please look elsewhere.

How to Join

FMC is not for everyone. Minimum qualification is that students have completed and mastered Algebra 1 and Geometry. If you do not have this foundational knowledge, you will not get a lot out of coming to our meetings and you may distract other students.

If you feel that your child is ready, then please contact one of the following:

Nancy Levonian nancy.a.levonian@gmail.com
Robert Sachs rsachs@gmu.edu

You will be given access to our google group, which contains problem sets we went over or encountered at past competitions. If your child can handle some of these problems, contact us again, and we can provide you time & location of our next meeting. AND REMEMBER ABOUT VOLUNTEERING!


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