Mid Cities Math Circle

Goals: The main goal of the Mid-Cities Math Circle seminar is to provide a stimulating environment for local area middle- and high-school students to learn mathematics. Regular attendance of the (MC)^2 seminar will help students not only improve their individual problem-solving skills, but also enjoy and understand mathematics better. More specifically the Mid-Cities Math Circle seminar will

* attract students’ attention to mathematics and motivate them to excel in the subject;
* prepare students for mathematical contests;
* introduce them to the beauty of advanced mathematical theories;
* encourage them to pursue careers related to mathematics such as scientists, educators, engineers, economists, and business leaders.

General Information: The seminar runs every semester and is designed for students in 8th-12th grades. Students in lower grades are welcome as well but should be advised that a solid mathematical background is required in order to follow the discussions.


411 S. Nedderman Dr. PKH - Pickard Hall - UT Arlingon
Arlington, TX
United States
32° 43' 42.1644" N, 97° 6' 44.1972" W