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Successful Proposals

Many people find it useful to see an example of a successful proposal, before writing one of their own.

Some generous association members have provided sample proposals for the community to use. These are listed here. Please feel free to use these to get ideas to help you develop your own proposal.

Experienced circle leaders may consider posting their own successful proposals here for other people to see and emulate.

  •   Linda Green's application for the Dolciani Grant for the Marin Math Circle
Dolciani Application

  •   Julia Brodsky's NAMC Math Circle Continuing Grant application
NAMC grant proposal

Remarks from the NAMC: The continuing grants require applicants to submit a lesson plan to the lesson plan section of the website. It speeds up the application process if a url to this lesson plan is included in the application. Similarly, it is easiest for us to give money to a non-profit, school, or University. Including clear instructions regarding award payment also speeds up the process.

MarinMathCircleDmegGrantProposalNarrativeWithBudget20110210.pdf148.06 KB
Math Circle Grant application Julia Brodsky.pdf11.72 KB