South East Ohio Math Teachers' Circle (SEOMTC)

The South East Ohio Math Teacher's Circle (SEOMTC) serves the Athens and surrounding regions. Teachers from area elementary and middle schools are collaborating with university faculty to create a group that meets regularly to engage in FUN, ENGAGING, and MEANINGFUL mathematics problem solving.

This is NOT professional development! This is "doing math" that is fun and doing it together with other teachers and those with a love of puzzles, problem solving, and play. BUT we think that having fun exploring new math gets educators (like us) excited about doing new and fun mathy things in the classroom. So even though this isn't meant to be your "typical" professional development, we can't help but develop as we engage in the math.

As such, we're going to be printing participation certificates for every meeting to support educators who want evidence of their commitment to ongoing learning. Moreover, it will serve as a great reminder of the kind of work that research has shown keeps our minds (and hearts!) young.

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321 Morton Hall c/o Bob Klein
Athens, OH 45701
United States
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