SDSU Math Circle

The SDSU Math Circle meets on second and fourth Fridays of each month during the academic school year (September through May) at the Serra/Kearny Mesa Branch Library (9005 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA 92123).

Our planned schedule for Math Circle will be to focus on younger students working between 11:00 to 12:00. Any younger groups that are ready to present may do so at 12. Younger students may quietly leave at this time. The older students will have more difficult problems and will be asked to work in their pairings during the first hour. Then they will be continuing to work and present until 1 pm.

For those that are new to Math Circle, it is important that you understand that this is not a math proficiency or skills class. Our goal is to provide interesting math based problems to collaboratively work together to solve. Students are expected to be challenged, stumped and be puzzled. Our goal is to teach students that problem solving is often a circuitous process.

A message to parents of gifted students. Please be sure to speak with your student about how to interact with other students in the Math Circle. This is meant to be an encouraging activity for students of all math abilities. So, it is very important to have refrain from commenting on how easy another team's problem may be or blurting out the answer during their presentation time. It is important that each student is respectful and listens to the path that team took at work on their problem. We want students to understand that problem solving in math doesn't mean you always know solution path right away. You may try various approaches before finding one that works.

This is also not a drop off activity. Every parent is expected to participate in Math Circle with a pair of students (not your own students). Your job is to help guide and ask questions to prompt students to think. You are not there to solve the problem but to help be a guide. It is completely okay for you to be stumped as well. It is also your job to try to make sure one student does not dominate the process and to make sure that the students choose a problem that challenges rather than ones that they can solve easily. It is equally important that you as a parent do not dominate the process either. The point is to allow the process to unfold, let students pursue various path even if you know perfectly well that one or more of those paths isn't the most efficient way to problem solve.If you are a parent with younger children, we can accommodate dropping off your child on a very limited basis. We fill available spots as we have space. Your rsvp will be placed on a maybe status if we do not have enough parent volunteers signed up. We will not be able to allow you to stay in the room with younger children due to space constraints and noise issues. You are welcome to stay in the library or use the playground outside the library during Math Circle.

The rules of Math Circle are simple:
1. Make mistakes.
2. Challenge yourself.
3. Challenge others.
4. Support each other.
5. Do not talk to your family members (except in emergency or during group time)


9005 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
United States