San Francisco Math Circle Math Camp - (MC)^2

Our Mission; We provide our students with positive math experiences in a summer camp setting. Whether a day camp or overnight camp, this opportunity very much excites us as educators, mathematicians, and citizens. It means that every summer a new group of students is exposed to the richness of mathematics, the fun and creativity involved in exploring the world through math, and the potential unleashed when working with peers in a collaborative environment. The founders of SF(MC)^2 are committed to bringing these experiences to our students. We believe they are meaningful and transformative, and we feel they are a small but significant step toward a brighter future. Each session is centered on a specific area of mathematics not commonly seen in K-12 curricula. Each student, regardless of experience, can explore problems and concepts to the extent they desire. Activities are designed to encourage exploration and self-paced progress. Counselors pair their expertise and passion in various sub-disciplines with the patience and fluidity which are the hallmarks of SF Math Circle instruction.

Our History: In 2013, nine National Science Foundation fellows who were serving as session leaders for the SFMC decided that the same mission and values should be extended outside of the academic year, and they created the San Francisco Math Circle Math Camp to fulfill on that commitment. The camp is a manifestation of the realization that a large population of students were not being served by current summer enrichment programs in mathematics in the San Francisco Bay Area. These students were not attending summer programs because they either could not afford them or were not seeking them out because of negative past mathematics experiences. Because we view summer programs as a valuable part of a young person’s growth academically, socially, and personally, we decide to create SF(MC)^2. The first SFMC Math Camp was held in the Summer of 2013, and the second in Summer 2014. Both were located at NatureBridge at Fort Cronkhite in Sausalito, California.