PROMYS for Teachers

PROMYS for Teachers is a collaboration of Boston University's Department of Mathematics with the Education Development Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. Together we are working to promote what we call a "culture of exploration" in secondary school mathematics classrooms.

In 1991, two years after the founding of the student program, PROMYS for Teachers, now a nationally recognized teacher institute, was established in collaboration with the Education Development Center (EDC), with a small group of 4 teachers. PROMYS for Teachers has grown to be a nationally known program attracting up to 50 Massachusetts teachers in recent summers. Teachers spend 6 weeks in the summer working intensely on challenging math alongside the talented high schoolers in PROMYS. Follow-up activities consist of five full-day workshops offered during the academic year by mathematicians at EDC. PROMYS for Teachers' mission is to enable the teachers to build the tools they need to create an atmosphere of joyful discovery in their own math classrooms.

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