Pleasanton Math Circle

In recent years, interest in mathematics around Pleasanton soared, and a group of students have decided to combine their efforts together in making another opportunity for Pleasanton math students to further develop their interest in math.

Pleasanton Math Circle is dedicated to developing critical problem solving skills in mathematically interested students through interactive activities and a challenging atmosphere lead by some of the top mathematicians in Pleasanton.

A math circle consists of lectures in logical thinking in mathematics, instead of lectures focused on classroom material. This involves topics in game theory, puzzles, and such. Instead of the crunching away at mechanical computation math in classrooms, we will be delving into basic logical thinking into the actual areas of math. Pretty cool, eh?

After the lecture, we will split into group discussions, where students can actively engage in discussions and collaborate on developing a solution to the critical thinking problem. Groups are encouraged to share their solutions with others -- after all, a combination of ideas is much stronger than ideas isolated!

At Pleasanton Math Circle, we hope to see many students of all ages there. Groups will be divided up accordingly to grade and skill level, and lecturers will include top students from both Amador and Foothill! I encourage everyone from math team to show up! Other schools in the Bay Area don't have this opportunity, so take advantage of it!


2340 Santa Rita Rd, Suite 10 Steps Community Prep School
Pleasanton, CA 94566
United States
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