MathPath is a four-week residential summer camp for students age 11-14 (middle school) from around the world who love math and excel at it. While most admitted students are working several years above grade level, our goal is enrichment, not acceleration. Through a multitude of one-week elective courses and hour-long presentations, we introduce students to the immense variety of mathematics, while emphasizing good proof writing and immersing students in mathematical history and culture.

MathPath works particularly well for kids who lack peers at home with the same intense interest and ability in math – at MathPath they find their tribe. Another group that thrives at MathPath are kids who love math circles and want to do circle activities every day during the summer. A third group is females. Parents often comment how girl-friendly MathPath is, and the female fraction of our enrollment has risen in recent years from 1/5 to 1/3, with many females returning for a second or even third year. MathPath has no fixed location; in summer 2016 we will be at Macalester College in St Paul MN.


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