IAS/ Park City Mathematics Summer Program (PCMI)

The IAS/Park City Mathematics Program (PCMI) is an outreach program of the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton, NJ. PCMI is designed for mathematics educators at the secondary and post-secondary level, as well as mathematics researchers and students at the post-secondary level.

At PCMI, these groups find an intensive mathematical experience geared to their individual needs. The interaction among groups with different backgrounds and professional needs also increases each participant's appreciation of the mathematical community as a whole as well as the work of participants in different areas.

The flagship program of PCMI is the three-week residential Summer Session program for:
* school teachers
* undergraduate college faculty
* undergraduate students
* graduate students
* mathematics researchers

At the annual Summer Session, all five of PCMI's groups meet simultaneously, pursuing individual courses of study. The rich mathematical experience combined with interaction among all participants results in greatly increased understanding and awareness of the issues confronting mathematics and mathematics education today.

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