Global Math Circle

The Global Math Circle (GMC) is an effort to promote math learning and to help students in their engagement with math. It is a weekly activity for students of grades 8 to 12 and post-secondary students. The activities are something beyond classroom in-class and curriculum-based learning. Presentations by Circle members or by invited mathematicians and scientists, discussion about specific topics and solving math problems, puzzles and games; review math/science history and preparation for maths contests and Olympiads are the main activities in the GMC. Math Circle builds self confidence and encourages further interest in math and students become more comfortable writing math contests and their exams. The vision of the Global Math Circle is to challenge and encourage participants in the understanding of math and to enrich the learning of math for students. Math Circle is fun, at the same time challenging. Mathematics anxiety is a major concern for students and others, Math Circle helps students to manage and conquer the anxiety. Students develop their problem solving and analytical skills and find opportunity to learn math computer program to use in solving problems. The goal is to inspire self confidence and make academic challenges fun. Work in Math Circle needs some efforts and the participants enjoy from a pleasant, friendly and non-competitive environment. The participants find a chance to meet others with similar interest. The progress of students and their involvement levels are monitors by the GMC supervisor and students will periodically be provided a confidential progress/performance report and advice for improvement, if requested.


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